Who we are, and what we do

We provide lessons in playing the French horn for kids from across East Fife (and a few strays from Tayside).

All our lessons are in group classes, usually at three levels. We keep these classes as low-cost as possible so that anyone can join.

Fife Horn Union started up in the St Andrews area c.2009.  We are now a fully independent charity.

“Do I have to be a brilliant musician already to learn the horn?”

Absolutely not. Some of our kids start as young as 7 years and have had no music lessons of any sort before. They come from a wide variety of backgrounds, from big families and small, and from families where no one has ever played an instrument before.

We have about fifteen kids learning at any time. But we’re always keen to find more. If you stick with it, we’ll take you from Beginners right up to Grade 8 – the top of the ABRSM grades. But only if that’s what you want to do.

We certainly don’t just do “grade exam” music.  With FHU you’ll do jazz, you’ll do improvisation, you might find yourself busking Christmas carols at a Farmer’s Market – or you might even be playing at a major music festival!

Here are two photos from the annual gatherings of the British Horn Society.  The first is from the meeting in Edinburgh in 2010. Several of the little kids in the front row are FHU members, with our teacher Margaret helping them:

And here (below) is the British Horn Society meeting of 2017. This was held at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow. At lunchtime, some of FHU gave a short recital. Here they are in their FHU T-shirts, preparing to play. Two of the tinies from the front row in 2010 are now the big kids in the back row:


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