Where do I get a French horn?

You could buy, borrow, or rent a horn, or just make one yourself out of a garden hose and a plastic funnel – true! Here’s a couple of pictures of a horn being made. It’s just a pipe…

…although your hosepipe horn might be a bit simpler than this set of valves from a Paxman ‘Triple’ which looks like something that could power an F1 Mercedes:

Anyway, don’t worry.  We have horns which we can rent to you for a modest annual cost (£25). These include small instruments for children.

If you want to buy your own, go carefully. A good French horn is an expensive instrument, and there are many small differences in type which can make a horn unsuitable for a learner. We suggest you consult us before you go looking for one.

There are a number of fine makers, famous names including Paxman, Alexander, Yamaha and others. If you look at their websites you might get a fright at the prices.

But you will also find that there is a big market in second-hand horns. Many of these are very fine instruments. We have good contacts with several dealers.

Please – ask us first.

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