Our teachers

Fergus Kerr

Margaret is on holiday in January 2018, but we are delighted to say that those classes will be taken by Fergus Kerr.

Fergus is Glasgow-based, and plays with all the Scottish Orchestras and the Northern Sinfonia on Tyneside. Apart from orchestras and the Wallace Collection, he works with an innovative wind quintet – the Gliondar Ensemble – and in all sorts of crossover music he comes across in Glasgow’s thriving musical world, for instance at Celtic Connections. Groups he’s played with have included the True North Orchestra and the Martin Green Machine whose output is described as ‘genetically modified ear food’, and also the Grit Orchestra with performances at WOMAD and the EIF.
We are indeed lucky to have him teaching for us. Welcome, Fergus!

Margaret Douglass

Margaret is our principal teacher. She’s a Californian who in her spare time is an astrophysicist who has worked on the NASA space shuttles. It would be difficult to say which she enjoys more: maths, physics, or playing the French horn.

Margaret is very well known in Scottish music circles and beyond. She leads jazz ensembles and is a busy organiser, being a committee member of the British Horn Society and the World Saxophone Congress.

Here’s a cutting from the British Horn Society Journal:

“On Sunday I witnessed something that I had never seen before and will never forget.  A lady who sported the t-shirt of the “Fife Horn Union, Junior Division”, and sadly whose name I don’t know led a group of kids in an amazing bit of improvisation.  All the kids played 3/4 size instruments and some could not have been more than 7 years old.  She taught them, Suzuki style, to play a jazz bass line which they repeated over and over.  She then got them to do a solo improv lasting a few seconds and some of them were fantastic.  If my kids wanted to learn horn I would want them to learn from this woman – outstanding.  These kids also played on the final concert and I include a photo of them playing their part in the second movement of Mahler’s First Symphony.  If anyone can identify this wonderful lady I would love to give her credit.”

(Here they are again playing the Mahler with Margaret’s guidance)

Other teachers for FHU have included:

Richard Ingham

Richard is Honorary Professor of Jazz Composition at St Andrews, and a distinguished figure in the world of modern jazz and the saxophone in particular. He has a huge amount of experience in teaching, composing, playing and recording. His current ensemble is Strangeness & Charm. He has written tunes especially for FHU.

Anna Douglass

Anna is a rising young star in the world of British horn music. In 2010 she won the brass section of the BBC Young Musician of the Year, and has gone on to play with the BBC Symphony Orchestra, the London Symphony Orchestra, and the London Sinfonietta. At the Royal Academy of Music she won the Dennis Brain Horn Prize, and the Bob Paxman Prize for which she received a Paxman horn custom made for her. That’s the one she’s hanging onto (below):

From time to time you might find yourself taking a lesson from other big name horn players. Here (below) are some FHU kids and other friends taking a lesson from the distinguished Dutch soloist Jasper de Waal with Margaret:


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